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Onew Likes To Think; Onew/Taemin; PG

drabble; 476words; angst
thank you for reading!


onew likes to think
Onew/Taemin; angst; drabble; 476 words
In which Onew thinks what he wants.

onew prefers thinking to speaking.
just like how he prefers to wear boxers to briefs.
but that's besides the point.

onew likes to think he's the reason taemin wakes up
everyday with a smile. maybe not everyday, but most days.
especially when key is up early to make breakfast and jonghyun
sets his uniform for school and minho decides to drive him.
onew may not have a very big part to play in taemin's morning
but he likes to think that its him and his last minute reminders
for taemin to focus in class please! or remember to eat your lunch!
with a wave at the front door before taemin and minho disappear behind
the elevator doors that make taemin leave the dorm with a full smile.

onew likes to think he's the reason why taemin always forgets some
dance moves on stage. maybe not always, but sometimes (rarely).
especially when they have an insignificant squabble in the backseat
of the van before a performance about who gets to wear those
brand new pair of ripped jeans that practically expose their asses.
of course, it's a battle between the leader and maknae, but
taemin eventually wins because key and their manager team up
against onew, pleading for him to be more mature and let the boy have it
and what not. outwardly, onew may seem annoyed. but inwardly, he knows
(or at least he thinks he knows) that taemin knows that he's perfectly willing
to hand over those jeans. heaven knows he won't look a hundredth as good
as taemin would but he likes to think that its him and these irrelevant quarrels
that affect taemin during those rare performances where he bumps into
jonghyun by accident because I honestly thought that was the next move!

but when taemin brings a girl home from school and sits her on
onew's spot on the sofa, introducing the innocent, young girl to the members,
onew pretends to busy himself by pouring drinks in the kitchen. he swipes
hastily at the tiny drops of water pricking the corner of his eyes and
chokes on a laugh at his tearing. he carries the tray of drinks to the coffee
table out front and finds somewhere on the floor, a safe distance
away from taemin and this girl, and sits down to listen to taemin's nervous
introduction. onew's never seen taemin like this before, all giggly and shy.
he's never even had taemin's arm around his own waist before, like
what he was doing to the girl beside him, on his spot on the sofa.
key, minho and jonghyun look genuinely happy for taemin
and onew can only hope that his facade is convincing enough.

at this point,
onew likes to think that he's the one who let taemin go
and not the other way round.
Never the other way round.


hope you liked it (:
Tags: drabble, genre: angst, pairing: ontae, rating: pg
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