Stanleee (stanleee) wrote,

Unheard Whispers; Onew/You; PG

drabble; 335words; angst
enjoy (:


unheard whispers
Onew/You; angst; drabble; 335 words
In which things unheard speak louder.


Jinki cups your face and presses his lips softly towards your own. You want to push forward into the kiss but you know better than that. After all, he was late and this was just wasting his time. He pulls back slowly and looks into your eyes. You tear up and he just smiles. Smiles, like it means I’ll be back in awhile. Like awhile means an hour, a day maybe. Like it means I love you so much I won’t leave.

But no. You knew it meant a week, a month or two perhaps. It meant I love you but I can’t do anything more than that.

His hands fall to your waist and then gently, off your hips, losing contact with your body. You take a sharp breath in and hug yourself around your waist, where his own just left. He sighs, looking at you hugging yourself and then chuckles. Chuckles, like it means don’t be silly, I’m right here. Like it means I’ll always be here if you need me.

But no. You knew it meant I want to be there but I’m busy. It meant I’d love to be there but I can’t.

He waves and you wave back because you want him to leave without worrying about you, without thinking that you wouldn’t be able to cope, without having a heavy heart while singing. He walks down the steps of the front door leading to the empty, snow-filled walkway and turns again for the last time to read your expression as he drifts further away from you. And now it’s your turn again. You smile brightly, forced but real enough to fool anyone. Smiles, like it means go ahead, I’ll be fine. Like it means I don’t really mind you leaving me like this. Like it means honestly, don’t worry about me.

And no. He probably doesn’t know you meant come back, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t let you leave me again. I can’t but I have to.

yet another piece I found and decided to brush up on from my fic dump (:
I actually found myself thinking it was a potential fic idea
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